Chasing the Sun

A young family travels to the countryside of Groningen for a holiday. The trip is meant to bring both parents and daughter closer together, but when Alexander spirals into a web of his own imaginations, he is left with only one way out of the mess he has created.

Chasing the Sun takes a critical look at the virtual world that is increasingly entering the physical world. How far can we get stuck in our own technological developments and the boundaries it has now crossed?


Sjors Wijlhuizen as Alexander; Maud Swinkels as Ivy; Marloes ten Kate as Emily


Written and Directed by Andrew van der Ven; Produced by Andrew van der Ven & Didi Spaans; DOP Elmar ten Kate; Sound Design by Yorick Sedee; Music by Tjeerd Nijhof


Première; 7 February 2018. Duration: 17 minutes; Language: Dutch; Distribution: DCP 2.39:1. 5.1. color.

Adventure, Short