Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is a short story about an extraordinary man, his unfortunate illness and his spontaneous child. No matter how bad your situation seems, apparently you are never alone in the world. Happy Birthday is a short love story, with a subtle twist and a lot of absurdist elements.


Torsten Colijn as Man; Bobby Mostertman as Colleague; Caroline Bech as woman


Written and Directed by Andrew van der Ven; Written by David Muñoz; DOP Josephine Drehmanns; Produced by Willem Elzenga, Rachelle Muschkamp, Andrew van der Ven, Jolijn van Ginkel; Music by Johan van der Voet


Première; 1 september 2011. Duration: 16 minutes; Language: Dutch; Distribution: DCP 16:9. 2.0. color.

Comedy, Short