Andrew van der Ven is a Dutch film director, writer and producer. In 2011, he moved to Brussels where he attended film school at the LUCA School of Arts (formerly known as St. Lucas). After film school, Andrew went to study film at Leiden University and Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Over the years, he made several short films and worked mostly on commercial video projects. His first feature film was Sunny Juliette (2017).

My Experience

In the past 10 years I’ve gained a lot of experience in the creative industry and (online) marketing. I started working as a freelancer as early as 2009, when I was 18 years old.

A lot has happend in the past decade. I had the privilege to work for amazing companies, with amazing people. I left the successful company in 2012 to found a film production company: Animæ.

My Skills

Final Cut Pro X


Adobe Premiere Pro


DaVinci Resolve


Adobe After Effects


Animæ Film Productions BV | Film and Television Industry
City | Monster, The Netherlands
Filmmaker | 2012 – Present

Animæ is an independent feature film production company. It is our ambition to deliver a positive contribution to society through the art of film. Over the years, we have worked with the most important clients and production companies around the globe. Our production office is located in Monster, The Netherlands.

We love to work with great, aspiring talents from all over the world. Our production team is built on a melange of young professionals and accredited veterans. We want to make films that are both entertaining and inspirational. Film is our passion, and we hope you will love our films as much as we love working on them.

Art-house is what we do best. Our films go beyond the cinema of attractions. We are eager to spread our story to a broad audience. And we think that film is a great and exciting medium to do so. We might not use the latest techniques, or cast all the famous actors. But our productions share the same spirit: to make fantastic films!